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The Rules 6yd Main Competition:

Are as follows

1.    Spring Pistol 
2.    Single Stroke Pistol & Multi Stroke Pistol
3.    Co2 & Brocock TACs Pellet
4.    Co2 BBs
5.    PCP & Target Co2 
6.   6mm Airsoft & 6mm Air Pistol
(All existing entrants will be entered automatically).
Competitors can have one pistol in each category.
Target Height: Height is set out at shooters discretion due peoples different statures
Open sights only

One Target to be shot One handed other Target to be shot Two handed. Competitors can choose which stance to go first. There is now a Freestyle category. Where competitors can enter if they have a genuine reason as to why they cannot do the official stances, those scores will be kept separate from the official shooters.

Use the existing target with 2 bull targets set for 6yds. 

Range: Set at 6yds (That is the average range for people in there back garden)

10/15 practice shots. The Competition is 5 shots per target maximum score of 100

1st day to last day of each month. See Calender for exact dates.
Scoring: If the pellet breaks into two points, i.e 8 & 9, you score the highest number

Submitting Scores:
Once you have completed your target send your scores using our new Score Card to me at  ubc.competition@googlemail.com .
We shall make the scores public as soon as possible after the competition.

Leader Board: Each month your total score will be added up.
The person then with the total highest score in each category will be the 

Percentage Criteria Per Round: Is set from Round Top Score

GOLD ~ 96% - 100% 
SILVER ~ 86% - 95% 
BRONZE ~ 75% - 85% 
Example from a set of scores like this 

1 Adam77K   ~ 91 ~ 100.00% 
2 Cookie  ~ 88 ~ 96.70% 
3 MikeB  ~ 88 ~ 96.70% 
4 Bigyaks ~ 80 ~ 87.91% 
5 Bigbill  ~ 64 ~ 70.33% 
6 Pad. E  ~ 60 ~ 65.93% 
7 Jane Fynn ~ 51 ~ 56.04% 
8 The Shootist ~ 48 ~

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