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The Rules 6yd Optical Sighted Pistol Competition:

CategoryTypes: Are as follows

1.    Spring Pistol 
2.    Single Stroke Pistol & Multi Stroke Pistol
3.    Co2 & Brocock TACs Pellet
4.    Co2 BBs
5.    PCP & Target Co2 
6.   6mm Airsoft & 6mm Air Pistol

Competitors can have one pistol in each category.Target Height: Height is set out at shooters discretion due peoples different statures

Sights: Optical, Laser or Red Dot Sights only

Stance: One Target to be shot Two handed other Target to be shot One handed. Competitors can choose which stance to go first. There is now a Freestyle category. Where competitors can enter if they have a genuine reason as to why they cannot do the official stances, those scores will be kept separate from the official shooters.

Target: Use the existing target with 2 bull targets set for 6yds. (See http://www.ubccompetition.btck.co.uk/6ydCompetitionCriteria/6ydTarget )

Range: Set at 6yds (That is the average range for people in their back garden)

Shots: 10/15 practice shots. The Competition is 5 shots per target maximum score of 100

Date: 1st day to last day of each month. See Calender for exact dates.

Scoring: If the pellet breaks into two points, i.e 8 & 9, you score the highest number

Submitting Scores: Once you have completed your target send your scores using our new Score Card to me at ubc.competition@googlemail.com . We shall make the scores public as soon as possible after the competition.

Leader Board: Each month your total score will be added up.
The person then with the total highest score in each category will be the winner. 

Percentage Criteria Per Round: Is set from Round Top Score

GOLD ~ 96% - 100% 

SILVER ~ 86% - 95% 

BRONZE ~ 75% - 85% 

Wooden Spoon ~ Lowest Score

Example from a set of scores like this 

1 Adam77K   ~ 91 ~ 100.00% 

2 Cookie  ~ 88 ~ 96.70% 

3 MikeB  ~ 88 ~ 96.70% 

4 Bigyaks ~ 80 ~ 87.91% 

5 Bigbill  ~ 64 ~ 70.33% 

6 Pad. E  ~ 60 ~ 65.93% 

7 Jane Fynn ~ 51 ~ 56.04% 

8 The Shootist ~ 48 ~ 52.75% 

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