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Coronavirus World on Lockdown

PDF Target & Rules Below

Corona World is on Lockdown Target and Rules.pdf


Use any air pistol or rifle to take out the viruses

There 15 in total you only have 10 shots.

4 different strains with different scoring, including the earth

(Do not shoot the earth!!)
Only one shot into each virus, only one score per Virus/Earth

There is no Time Limit and range is set at six yards and can be shot
any stance

You can submit as many goes as you want with as many different airguns


Once you have completed your targets, Fill in scoresheet

Scorecard Below

Corona Scorecard 2020.docx

 and send it to Paddy via


The competition is open now until end of lockdown and virus has been Annihilated!


We need to beat this virus, look after each other, wash your hands and have fun

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