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New Police Pistol / Rifle Competition

Announcement from May 2018 Season we have a new Competition Manager:  Club Founder Jason Curtis.

Our main aim for this is to cut down on costs be the means of using less targets which will be more ink friendly, less pellets per compeition, this will also enable people to have more time in doing the other competitions.

A PDF Pack will be available with all Police Competition Rules. It will be up to the shooter if he/she wants to partcipitate all Competitions or just any that he/she is able to.

There will be seperate results tabs within this page for.

Police Pistol 
Total of 18 Pellets/BBs

Back Up Gun Or Reload Pistol
Total of 18 Pellets/BBs

Scoring Diagram

Orange = 4.5 as the pellet is striking the Door Frame and the 9
Red = 1.5 as the pellet is striking the Door Frame and the 3
Blue = 0 as has struck the door

Police Rifle
6yd Sniper / 6yd Assault
Total of 10 Pellets/BBs
for each Category

Your Competition Manager is Jason Curtis. You send all scores & any questions to:

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