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 New Rules 

All rules for Police Pistol, Pocket Pistol & Police Rifle are within one PDF below.

Police Competitions 2017 . 2018 v2.pdf

(Rules Updated 01.06.2014 Double Action Only Ruling Taken Out, as all is shooting is Rapid fire Pistol can be cocked ready)


All scores can be inputted on the one scorecard below

Police Score card v3.doc

Target PDFs Below

Police Pistol

Stage 1                               Stage 2
         Fedora v2.pdf                            Paddy's Angels v2.pdf
Total of 18 Pellets/BBs

Back Up Gun Or Reload Pistol

Stage1                             Stage 2
Fedora v2.pdf                              Car Door v2.pdf
Total of 18 Pellets/BBs

Police Sniper Rifle

Stage 1                        Stage 2
Car Door v2.pdf    Police Rifle.pdf
Total of 10 Pellets/BBs

Police Assault Rifle
Stage 1                     Stage 2
Car Door v2.pdf                   Police Rifle.pdf
Total of 10 Pellets/BBs

Your Competition Manager is Jason Curtis, Send in your scores via:

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