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Soda Can World Championships

The 2017-2019 World Championship Soda Can Shoot.

From the start of Season 4 (1st May) the Competition will be open

The competition consists of a string of 5 shots repeated 3 times. You can have as much practice as you like but, once you have decided to commit to the competition, the next 3 strings of 5 shots have to be taken for the competition score

(no discarding one of these three if it happens to be a bad one and repeating it ! ! !) 

The task is to shoot five 330ml soda cans or Standard size tins suspended on various sized canes in pots placed 6yards from the shooter and lined up within a 1yd width


Shooting in sequence in the quickest time you can, using Any Type Semi Auto Pistol or Revolver in Single or Double Action, 

 Open Sights ONLY

Can Shoot Demo:

Full Details for Equipment, Set Up & Shooter's Duties Click Below:

Updated Season 6 C.o.F

Soda Can Shooting 6yd Distance 1yd Width Procedure All Pistols.pdf

Each Month/Rd Heights of the Canes will be changed.

Season 6 RD2 Course of Fire Click Below:

New Rd2 Soda Can Shooting C.o.F.pdf

Details & Times to be put on dedicated scorecard, sent to paul.coates55@gmail.com

Can Shooting Scorecard v3.docx

The winners will receive a certificate, and the title World Soda Can Champion.

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