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A Local Area Response Militia Unit  

No one can really remember exactly how it all started. Was it North Korea accidently sent nuclear missiles into China
or did China set it up. Whichever it was, China went on to take on Japan. Did the Middle East just set about tearing
itself apart. Did the “old” USSR invade Eastern Europe or did someone on the Eastern European side decide the rest
of the world was falling apart so why not join in. In a way the Americas and Australia were in between it all so had no
choice but to take one side or the other.

Join our Militia Unit now to save our country.

Full Walk through below

ALARM walkthru v2.pdf

This is a free competition for us all to be able to fight to be free.

You will need a Multi Shot Pistol & any type of Air Rifle.

Training Starts August.

For more details contact Paddy via:

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