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Projectile Impact

BB or Pellet which is Best??

And by BEST we don’t necessarily mean “the most accurate”. To find out which gives the most enjoyment we have set up
a two category competition in which you can enter any pellet or BB firing pistol or rifle (a rifle being any gun clearly not
intended for single handed use). The targets are also styled more along the military / skirmishing line so you can use the
Airsofts if you like.

Below is a link to the Walk Through for this Competition

BB or Pellets 2015 v2.pdf

Training starts February 1st ~ March 29th

Mission starts March 1st ~ April 26th

The Pack and Scorecards will be released prior to the dates shown. All scores are to be returned to me via

Each will recieve a Certificate of Combined Training & Mission Scores for either BB or Pellet


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