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As from Rd1 (01/05/18) we have changed the Rules to the use of Stopwatches only starting & Stopping by the shooter no Shot Timers are allowed.

Please print out new Speed Challenge Mk3 C.o.F

This is a revamped idea thought up by Jefferson (Golightly) who asks "How fast and accurate can you shoot?”


Try the UBC Speed Challenge and find out by comparing yourself with others. You can shoot it as many times as you like but only the 3 (best) scores scan be submitted each month. Watch your progress on the monthly results & Leaderboard which will record the average of the 3 scores from each competitor.


As this is fast action shooting it requires a multi-shot pistol and there will be two separate categories (you can enter in both categories each month if you wish to and have both appropriate types of pistol). There is one category for rotary magazine pistols – that is all 8 pellet rotary semi-automatics plus S&W and Crosman 357 10 pellet rotaries and the Dan Wesson, Ruger Superhawk and similar cylinder revolvers. The second category is for the type of pistol that holds its magazine in the hand grip. You may enter one pistol in each category each month. You can shoot the competition as many times as you like in each calendar month but may only send in the best 3 scores for each category in any one calendar month. There is a scorecard available on the Competition Website and this should be completed and sent to ubc.competition@googlemail.com


On the Competition Website there will be a dedicated tab which will show the current standings. This will enable people to see where they stand

Mk3 Target & Course of Fire

Speed Challenge Target Mk3.pdf


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