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Witzend Special 3rd Anniversary Challenge

This challenge is dedicated to Peter with the target design courtesy of Oldboy John

Starting October 1st ~ 31st 2019

Any airgun may be used for this competition; rifle or pistol, spring, CO2, pcp, airsoft.

As there are two categories Pistol & Rifle

The target will be shot from a range of 6 yards and must be engaged from a SEATED
position. Arms and pistol / rifle may NOT be rested in any way.

There is no time limit for this competition.

10 shots are to be fired.

5 shots directed at the head (red outline).

5 shots directed at the body.

Scoring is inward and no more than 5 shots can be scored on either the body or head THE SCORED HEAD SHOTS MUST ACTUALLY BE ON/WITHIN THE RED HEAD OUTLINE (hits cutting both head and body can be allocated to whichever area gives the best overall score but cannot be allocated to both). 

This Target

St George Target and COF v2.pdf


St George Scorecard 2019.docx

All scores to be sent to me via ubc.competition@googlemail.com

A running Leaderboard will be open and will be updated weekly you can enter as many times as you like but with different airguns your highest score will go one the main Leaderboard and all other will go onto a secondary Leaderboard. At the end of the competition a certificate will be sent for your highest scoring pistol, rifle or both.

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